What kind of licenses and permits must you get for your Nevada LLC?

When you form a Nevada LLC and file your Articles of Organization, you’ll also file and pay for the managers list and business license as part of the formation process. To help you get started, check out this Ultimate Guide to Forming a Domestic Single Member LLC.

After you file for your Articles of Organization and your [EIN], (VPM Academy) you can determine what licenses and permits.

Municipal/County Licenses

These business licenses are specific to the county and city where your Nevada LLC does or will do business.

You can find out more below:

Regulatory Licenses and Permits

You may need a regulatory license if you personally hold a state license. For example: you’re an architect or doctor.

There are other regulatory licenses and permits you may need to obtain depending on your industry (i.e. restaurants).

For more information, you can head over to:

Nevada State Agencies


Licensing & Permits


How do you determine license requirements for your Nevada LLC?

The easiest way to find out if your Nevada LLC needs specific licenses is to go through SilverFlume and use the Common Business Registration.

  1. Login to your SilverFlume account (https://www.nvsilverflume.gov/login)
  2. Click on your Dashboard (https://www.nvsilverflume.gov//dashboard)
  3. Select your LLC from the “My Businesses” section
  4. In your “My Business Checklist” you should see Common Business RegistrationClick the “Start” button to begin