What if my LLC is in another state, can I change the business address and use a utility bill for my Amazon Store?

Where you form your company and where your business is operating out of do not need to be in the same state. For example, you can form a Delaware corporation, but headquartered in California.

Amazon should allow you to change your business address since companies will move over time. VPM’s TruLease service helps you lease an office space that is available in one of our partner’s owned buildings, no different from leasing an office on your own except that we offer certain conveniences and guarantees.

You will sign a lease agreement to rent the office space. This office space gets you an address to receive mail along with the mail processing services so that you can read your mail online. As for the utility bill, please note that VPM does not have a utility bill service nor do we generate any utility bill.

Upon request, we will provide you a utility bill that’s under the lessor’s name. This is because the lessor occupies the building and pays for the utilities for the entire building. Therefore, lessor pays for the utilities. This is a typical arrangement for many small offices who cannot afford to rent the whole building and vendors like Amazon accepts this if you’re able to show this link and provide the proper documents to explain this.