What are the benefits of a Delaware LLC?

In addition to providing you with a permanent commercial street address for your business and personal mail (which can give your business a more professional and polished image), a Delaware LLC provides remote business owners with several benefits.

These include:

  • Privacy protectionDelaware LLCs are not required to list member names and addresses in their filings.

  • Asset protection – Delaware is one of the few states that only allows a charging order as the sole remedy for collecting debt on single-member LLCs.

  • Tax benefits – Delaware does not tax companies that operate outside of its borders. This means you do not end up paying Delaware state taxes if you have no physical office or do business directly within the state.

  • Business-friendly laws – Delaware has a well-established and highly respected Court of Chancery that focuses on resolving corporate disputes.

  • Cheaper filing fees – For Delaware LLCs, the filing fees are only $90 and the annual tax is $300.

  • Investor appeal – Investors are more likely to consider investing in your company due to Delaware’s business-friendly laws.