How do I get a business address for my Amazon account?

1. Home address

You can use your home address, but this is a big privacy issue since the newest update from Amazon. In an effort to counter fraud, Amazon requires all sellers on its U.S. Amazon marketplace to display the business name and address on the seller profile. If you choose to use your home address you’ll risk many knowing where you live because it’ll show on shipping and return labels.

2. PO Box

There are mix reviews about using a PO Box for your Amazon store. You can check out this discussion from this informative video.

If you choose to use a P.O. box as your return address for your Amazon Store, you will be limited by the restrictions that a P.O. box presents to your business.

Depending on what your Amazon store sells, you will have to be careful about the size of the P.O. box you choose and the volume of packages and mail it can handle.

You also need to be aware of the fact that P.O. boxes do not accept packages from other couriers besides USPS. That’s a big barrier for any store because that means you’ll have to get a separate address in order to receive from couriers such as UPS and FedEx.

And finally, P.O. boxes may limit you in the type of items you can receive, including certain electronics that may not be accepted by P.O. boxes. Save yourself the headache and skip the P.O. box.

To get a PO Box you can follow this article.

3. Virtual mailbox

With a virtual mailbox you won’t have to worry about the size of your packages or storage needs. The virtual mailbox service will notify you of every delivery made, and you will have the option of forwarding, discarding, or storing your packages and mail.