How can I save costs on shipping domestically?

When you start your own remote business, you’ll be responsible for a number of ongoing expenses. Shipping mail and packages is one of them. Here are a couple of tips to help you save money when shipping domestically:

  1. If you are sending multiple mail and packages, it’s best to bundle them and ship your items together as a single order when possible. The first oz (FC) or lb (PM) is the most costly in terms of postage. Incremental weight increase from there is a fraction of the first oz/lb’s postage costs. For example: You have a 5 oz package, a 2 oz package, and 1 oz letter. Shipping three separate items will cost you much more than bundling it all under an 8 oz package and shipping it together.
  2. Distance plays a role in shipping costs. If you plan to ship mail regularly from your mailbox to a frequent location (such as a home or office), you should select a mailbox location that is close to your residence/office.
  3. Be mindful of your packaging. If you use a box that is significantly larger than your package, you’ll be paying to mail empty space. This is referred to as dimensional weight.
  4. If you’ll be shipping expensive items often, it’s recommend that you select a tax-free location like Delaware or Oregon.