Can a virtual office address work for utility bills? If not what can you use?

Amazon now will suspend your account and ask you to submit proof of address in the form of utility bills.

Can a virtual office suffice as an option as a remote business?

The short answer will be maybe, make sure to do your research because most of the virtual offices do not offer a lease agreement or utility bill.

Here are the 2 that do, but is costly and you might not need the features:

Starthub Centers

Starthub Centers provides virtual office packages that include a physical business address and virtual mailbox. In addition to the basics, you’ll gain access to amenities like a dedicated phone number, assistance from a trained receptionist, unlimited mail scans with complimentary storage, and mail forwarding.

For those seeking a physical address for proof of address requirements, access to a lease agreement and utility bill is only available with the co-working space package, which starts at a significantly higher monthly price point.

Offix Solutions

Offix Solutions caters to those seeking a professional business address in South Florida. While mail scanning, pickup, and forwarding services are included with the basic plan, it is missing some of the more standard components of a virtual office, like a telephone line and live receptionist services.

However, if you’re looking for a lease agreement and utility bill, you’re in luck. Offix Solutions is willing to provide this.The lease agreement and utility bill is available upon request; however, you’ll be responsible for paying for 6 months of service up-front

You can see other virtual offices too here.

What is an alternative if you don’t want a virtual office with a utility bill and lease agreement?

VPM’s TruLease service comes with a physical business address, virtual mailbox, and lease agreement to use for your business. As a bonus, you can have a utility bill added to your plan for a one-time fee, allowing you to open marketplace stores (think Amazon or Shopify) with ease.

TruLease does not come with the same amenities that you typically see with other virtual offices, such as a live receptionist, phone number, or conference room. If you don’t need anticipate needing these resources, TruLease may be ideal for you.


  • All TruLease addresses are real physical addresses attached to commercial buildings
  • Lease agreement
  • Get two separate addresses (mailbox address and physical address)
  • Optional utility bill available for additional proof of address
  • Joint tenant add-on available
  • On-site inspections and call verifications are provided
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Gain access to virtual mailbox services: 24/7 online mail management, mail scanning, remote check deposit, and package forwarding
  • Free registered agent service that comes with the mailbox address
  • Free unlimited digital storage


  • Only available in 3 states
  • 1-year lease agreement required
  • Utility bill and joint tenant add-ons cost extra